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NAOMIDAVID Babywear is an European Company founded 2019, creating Premium Baby Fashion designed in Austria.

Being global leading brand for functional baby wear

Together for more comfortable babies and parents life

Exclusive Designs - Premium Quality - Effective Functionality - Maximum Ecology

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As parents of four children, and especially with our last baby, we faced the same situation as many friends with their own babies where our little one would get wet really quick in the chest area. It really was a challenge to find a bib which did not have environmentally harmful plastic integrated in it somewhat and which could also provide the protection we sought for our little girl. The usual cotton bibs, in particular baby bodies and rompers did not provide any protection as the wetness always seeped through. This was how the idea for NAOMIDAVID Babywear was born. The next step was to seek out a technology which would enable us achieve the protection we were looking for and at the same time provide the premium quality, comfort, style and design that would appeal to parents.
Herbert & Awoba Bagshaw-Macheiner

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